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Empowering Communication Excellence through Dynamic Services

¡Comuniquemos, Inc.!

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Our mission is to fortify your students' communication skills with engaging services designed to ignite their potential.

Explore our comprehensive offerings, including transformative workshops, impactful in-class coaching, and motivational speaking engagements.


Rest assured, our commitment to quality remains steadfast as we seamlessly shift to online delivery. Discover how our tailored services can empower your students' growth.

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Workshops that Elevate Learning

Our workshops are meticulously designed to enhance key skills and drive academic success:

Think It: Composition Workshop:

Enhance written composition skills through strategies like organization, elaboration, and editing. Choose a focus (organization, elaboration, or editing) for each two-day seminar, guiding students through the Five P's of Powerful Papers framework.

Mathnificent Workshop:

Exclusive to elementary schools, this workshop employs movement, music, and mnemonics to empower math problem-solving. The Six C's of Problem Solving method equips participants with a step-by-step process to conquer mathematical challenges.

Rap and Read Workshop:

Equip students with proven strategies to excel in reading comprehension and standardized reading exams. The Four P's to Pass method strengthens reading abilities, enhanced through mnemonics, music, and movement.

Think It: Grammar Workshop:

Simplify complex grammar concepts through interactive activities, chants, and songs. Empower students to confidently express themselves in standard English, reducing errors and enhancing communication.

Winning Strategies for English Language Learners:

This workshop provides effective strategies for engaging emergent bilingual scholars, promoting cultural sensitivity and practical language development activities.

I Don't Teach Reading:

Uncover versatile reading strategies applicable across disciplines, fostering connections between reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

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Coaching for
Educator Excellence

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Empower educators with personalized coaching in key areas:

  • Lesson Planning and Delivery: Elevate instruction through refined lesson planning and delivery techniques.

  • Differentiated Instruction: Learn strategies to cater to diverse learning styles and abilities within your classroom.

  • Second-Language Teaching Strategies: Discover effective methods to engage and empower English language learners.

  • Classroom Management: Acquire tools for effective classroom management that fosters a conducive learning environment.

Our coaching sessions cater to your needs, whether you're an administrator seeking empowered instruction or an educator looking to differentiate in your classroom. Choose from one-time or ongoing coaching sessions that include personalized modeling and support.

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Motivational Speaking
to Inspire Growth

Invite Shanedria to deliver a powerful, imaginative, and insightful message at your event. Our speaker tailors each speech to align with your conference, graduation, retreat, or program's theme. Our thought-provoking, enlightening, and entertaining speeches captivate and motivate attendees, delivering tailored content in both English and Spanish.

  • Beliefs and Behavior

  • Fun Fundraising

  • Phenomenal Versus Nominal

  • Portable Power

  • Starting Over

  • Talking Right

  • The Definition of a B.A.L.L.E.R.

  • Turning Around

  • Using Your Voice

  • Where There’s a Skill, There’s a Way

For captivating and inspirational speaking engagements that resonate with your audience, contact us for more information. At ¡Comuniquemos, Inc., we empower communication excellence for a brighter future.

Experience speeches like:

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Get Ready to Enhance Communication Skills and Transform Education

Whether you're an educator looking to empower your students or an administrator seeking effective instructional strategies, ¡Comuniquemos, Inc. is here to support you. Explore our engaging workshops, in-class coaching, and motivational speeches that fortify communication skills and inspire growth. Contact us today to customize a program tailored to your needs and take the next step towards creating confident communicators and empowered learners.

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